Madrid Court Orders Reopening Of The Investigation Into Podemos Solidarity Fund

Madrid Court Orders Reopening Of The Investigation Into Podemos Solidarity Fund

Judge Juan José Escalonilla, head of the Court of Instruction number 42 of Madrid, had filed that part of the investigation in October for not finding evidence of a crime , but now the Madrid Court has admitted the resources of Vox and the Association of Jurists Europeos Pro Lege and has revoked that file.

The investigation into this aspect of finances was based on the complaint made by the former lawyer of Podemos José Manuel Calvente, fired in December 2019 , which suggested an alleged unfair administration of the funds of the Solidarity Fund by deputy Rafael Mayoral , because They would not be used for the purposes for which it was established, but to pay a member of Podemos.

When filing the case, Judge Escalonilla argued that it is not “anomalous or strange” that the money from the Podemos solidarity fund is destined for foundations or movements close to the political party , and even formed by members of said party, “that develop activities belonging to those considered as eligible for said solidarity fund “.

The Court believes that there are indications of crime
In the car, dated February 16, and to which TVE has had access, it is noted that the Association 404 Popular Communication – among whose members there are several members of Podemos – asked the party for 50,000 euros for its work in favor of rights Humans and the party transferred 30,000 euros, although the judge did not determine whether or not they came from that solidarity fund or if it was used for another use other than that declared.

It also highlights that part of the people who are in said association (José Martínez Coy, Diana Peinado Serrano, Francisco Javier Bermúdez Díaz, Christian Luis Navarro Marrero, Alejandro Zapico Robledo and Irene Elina Lingua) are members of Podemos, and that some of them have relevant position in the formation of Pablo Iglesias. And to this he adds that the party “has not provided information on whether it granted the amount of 50,000 euros.”

Given the relationship of the partners with Podemos, the Chamber indicates that it is reasonable to think that there is “a disguised subjective link” between that association and the party .

For this reason, the magistrates who have studied the appeals in the Hearing do not think in the same way as Judge Escalonilla and believe that there are indications of the possible use of that money to “obviate the limitations” of the law on political parties and the law of party financing.

“It remains to know the destination of those amounts, as well as, where appropriate, the person / s who authorized the disposal of the money and the final beneficiaries, questions necessary for the determination of the eventual existence of the crime and its perpetrators” , raises the car.

Estimate the appeal of a former Podemos senator
In another order, the Hearing considers an appeal by the former senator of Podemos Celia Cánovas and accepts that she enters the case as injured party and as a private accusation after the judge rejected it by stating that she could not be considered injured “from any” of the alleged crimes investigated.

Cánovas considers herself a victim of this possible irregular use of part of the party’s funds since she made donations in her capacity as a public position, and although the court reminds her that said contributions were derived from an agreement with the formation “which she now reproaches having claimed these amounts from him “, he considers that he must be in the case as injured by part of the investigated facts.

Sources from Podemos have pointed out in this regard that in the cases “against” that party “nothing is surprising.” “You see things that would hardly be seen with another investigated. It is an investigation aimed at appearing in the media,” they added.


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