EU Claims That Pandemic Has Accelerated Erosion Of Democracy

EU Claims That Pandemic Has Accelerated Erosion Of Democracy

The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell , assured this Tuesday that the health emergency that the world is experiencing due to COVID-19 has accelerated the erosion of democracy and attacks against those in various parts of the planet. who want to defend it.

In his virtual speech before the United Nations Human Rights Council , Borrell affirmed that democracy and human rights face “serious threats” and that the European Union is ready to defend them in the “reconstruction of the post-pandemic world.”

It has also indicated that this situation can be seen in the censorship suffered by journalists, the manipulation of information by the authorities, the repression of peaceful demonstrations, attacks on activists and the erosion of women’s rights.

“Protesters of all ages have taken to the streets in Belarus, Russia, Chile, Lebanon and Hong Kong to defend their freedoms and oppose injustices, ” stressed the EU High Representative for Foreign Policy, who explained that in defense Of these and other freedoms that are considered in danger, the EU has created a global sanctions regime based on human rights, which entered into force a day earlier.

Borrell again condemns Navalny’s incarceration
In his speech, Borrell has condemned before the UN Human Rights Council the imprisonment of Russian opposition Alexei Navalny , which he described as “unacceptable” and “politically motivated”.

He has also stated that the repression of those who recently took to the streets of Russia to protest against the government of President Vladimir Putin is simply unacceptable.

The EU demands the release of Russian opponent Alexei Navalny. Borrell has also referred to Belarus , where he has said that human rights have worsened after the presidential elections held in August and that they would have given a new mandate to the leader Aleksandr Lukashenko , who has been in power since 1991. Both the opposition and the community international questioned the electoral result.

“The EU condemns the disproportionate use of violence against protesters, as well as torture . We look forward to a full and transparent investigation of these abuses,” he stressed.

Call on China to respect minority rights
The former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Spain has asked China to respect the rights of minorities and has called on the Government to allow independent observers to enter Xinjiang to assess the situation of the Uyghur community, for which they have been created ” reeducation camps “.

At least one million Uyghurs are being held in these camps , according to figures from international human rights organizations. China has recognized the existence of these camps and justifies that they are places to “fight extremism”. Borrell has also urged the Chinese government to allow the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Michelle Bachelet , to visit the region.

It has also called on the Beijing authorities to respect democratic principles and the rule of law in Hong Kong . “A high degree of autonomy must be guaranteed under the principle of one country, two systems,” he stressed.


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