Bárcenas Points Out To The Judge In La Púnica

Bárcenas Points Out To The Judge In La Púnica

Bárcenas points out to the judge in La Púnica who gave Esperanza Aguirre an envelope with 60,000 euros for her 2007 campaign.

The ex-treasurer of the PP Luis Bárcenas has assured this Wednesday before the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón that the former Madrid president Esperanza Aguirre received an envelope with 60,000 euros for the 2007 electoral campaign, according to legal sources.

An amount that according to Bárcenas would have been donated by the construction businessman Luis Gálvez , president of Ploder. However, the former treasurer has not presented any proof of Aguirre’s involvement in the irregular financing of electoral campaigns because, he has reiterated, they were stolen in the ‘Kitchen’ operation.

Although he has also affirmed that he kept three boxes with documentation of donations and electoral campaigns and that another person keeps them.

According to legal sources, Bárcenas has said that Gálvez delivered the envelope to Esperanza Aguirre’s own office in the presence of the former treasurer Álvaro Lapuerta and in the presence of the former manager of the Madrid PP Beltrán Gutierrez and the former general secretary of the Madrid PP and former number two of the Aguirre regional government, Francisco Granados.

The former treasurer has said that he has “gaps” and that he does not remember very well, but has indicated that he has had “time to think” in prison.

Bárcenas has testified before the judge of the National Court Manuel García Castellón to provide, in the framework of the ‘Punic’ case , all the information he knows about the alleged ‘B’ box of the political formation, especially that of the ‘ popular ‘Madrid, whose accounting is being investigated in one of the separate pieces of the macrocause.

Aguirre rejects the accusation
For her part , the former Madrid president has denied having received that money and has announced the filing of a criminal complaint against him for false testimony.

“These statements are flatly false and have been made in court without any evidence to support them . Never, ever, at any time, have I received any money from Mr. Bárcenas or Mr. Lapuerta,” Aguirre pointed out in a statement, which attributes his statement to a pact with the Prosecutor’s Office.

The head of the Central Court of Instruction number 6 summoned Bárcenas at 4:00 p.m., in person, after the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office requested his appearance after receiving a letter in which the ex-treasurer of the PP affirmed that the party had had a parallel accounting that was nourished by donations from businessmen, who, on occasions, were intended to be the beneficiary of public awards.

This ‘confession’ came just a few weeks before the trial for the alleged use of money from box ‘b’ to pay for the reform of the party’s national headquarters began in the National Court .

In the letter sent to Anticorrupción, the former treasurer showed his willingness to collaborate with the Justice , for which he offered to testify both in the separate piece in which the finalist donations to the PP are investigated, in the Central Court of Instruction number 5; as in the ‘Púnica’ case, which is instructed by the Central Court of Instruction number 6.

The statement is also produced on the same day that it was known that the Treatment Board of the Madrid jail of Soto del Real has proposed the granting of two exit permits of six days each to Bárcenas , once the fourth day has been completed. part of his sentence. A decision that has yet to be ratified by the Penitentiary Surveillance Court.


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