A Candidate For Mayor In Mexico Shot To Death During Campaign

A Candidate For Mayor In Mexico Shot To Death During Campaign

The candidate for mayor of the Mexican municipality of Moroleón for the Citizen Movement party, Alma Rosa Barragán Santiago, was assassinated this Tuesday afternoon while leading a campaign event in the violent state of Guanajuato , in central Mexico .

“We strongly condemn the attack in which Alma Barragán, a Citizen Movement candidate for mayor of Moroleón, lost her life,” Libya, Libyan Secretary of Government of Guanajuato, Dennise García Muñoz Ledo, wrote on Twitter, minutes after the murder.

The attackIt happened around 6 p.m. in Moroleón, the same city where eight days ago the candidate for local deputy for the alliance formed by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) and the Democratic Revolution Party (PRD), Juan Guzmán Ramírez, suffered an attack. shot , but survived.

Barragán was at a campaign event, on the outskirts of the municipality, just 4 kilometers from where the attack against Guzmán Ramírez occurred, when she was attacked with bullets . The candidate died at the scene and two other people were injured and were taken to hospital. “We make an energetic call to the authorities to investigate and guarantee justice for this brutal attack,” tweeted the national coordinator of the Citizen Movement, Clemente Castañeda.

Meanwhile, in a statement, the party demanded from the authorities “prompt justice, a thorough investigation and punishment of those responsible for this outrageous event.” Abel Murrieta Gutiérrez, former attorney general for the state of Sonora and candidate for mayor of the city of Cajeme, belonged to this same party, who on May 13 was assassinated in a campaign event. Barragán is the third candidate to be assassinated in this electoral process in Guanajuato, a state that since 2018 has concentrated the highest number of intentional homicides committed in Mexico.

The first victim was Juan Antonio Acosta Cano , who was a candidate for the National Action Party (PAN) for Mayor of Juventino Rosas and was assassinated on January 12 while exercising in the streets of said municipality. Subsequently, Alejandro Galicia Juárez , candidate for councilor for the PRD in the municipality of Apaseo El Grande, died in a gunshot attack, in which the party’s municipal delegate, Juan Ignacio de la Cruz, was also wounded.

According to the Guanajuato Government Secretariat, there are eight candidates – six men and two women – who have so far requested some measure of personal security because they feel that their integrity is at risk.

The electoral campaign in Mexico is marked by strong violence, with at least 88 politicians assassinated , 34 of whom were candidates or candidates, according to the consulting firm Etellekt. In the midst of this violent climate, Mexico will celebrate its electoral day on June 6 to elect 500 federal deputies, 15 of 32 state governors, 30 local congresses and 1,900 city councils, in what are considered the largest elections in the country.


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