Australia Opts for Barely Used Biosecurity Law to Limit Movements of Coronavirus Patients

Australia will employ little-known biosecurity law to limit the movements of people suspected of having the coronavirus, its attorney general stated Tuesday.

Australia Opts for Barely Used Biosecurity Law to Limit Movements of Coronavirus Patients

Australia Monday confirmed the first community transmission of coronavirus after a doctor got diagnosed with it. State health delegates have stated the unidentified doctor has not traveled abroad in months and had not handled any of the other confirmed cases.

Amid fears of a widespread epidemic, Attorney-General Christian Porter stated the government will develop the use of a not often used law that will either designate some places as out of bounds or keep the patient in house lockdown.

The law, enacted in 2015, has rarely been used outside Australia’s agricultural industry.

PM Scott Morrison last week stated a pandemic was possible and Australia has moved to prevent the virus from reaching its seas.

Since February 1, Australia has prohibited any foreigner from entering directly from China, where the virus stemmed.

China is Australia’s most significant trading associate and the measure has prohibited thousands of students and tourists from passing Australian borders.

Some Chinese students have traveled to a third country for two weeks, the incubation period for the coronavirus, which meets Australia’s quarantine curbs.

Nevertheless, authorities confirmed Tuesday that one such pupil, a 20-year old Chinese man, has been tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

Australia now, in total, has 38 cases of coronavirus after New South Wales confirmed four more.

Australia has registered one death of a 78-year-old man who was a passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship, which was isolated in Japan.


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