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Europe Coronavirus Cases Reach 1 Million

Europe Coronavirus Cases Reach 1 Million

Europe is in the eye of the storm of the COVID-19 pandemic, with the number of instances nearing a million, and will move with extreme caution when contemplating easing lockdowns, the World Well being Organization’s regional director stated on Thursday.

Europe Coronavirus Cases Reach 1 Million

This meant that about 50% of the global burden of COVID-19 was in Europe, Kluge stated. Over 84,000 individuals in Europe have died in the epidemic, he stated.

As some nations begin to contemplate whether or not restrictions could also be eased and whether or not schools and a few workplaces might begin to reopen, he said it was critical to understand the complexity and uncertainty of such transitioning.

Corporations and politicians the world over are worried in regards to the economic influence of a long shutdown, and a few nations in Europe – such as Germany, Denmark, Spain, and others – are starting to consider easing some societal restrictions.

Kluge stated the WHO recognized those social distancing policies implemented to slow the spread of the virus are affecting lives and livelihoods.

Any step to lift lockdown measures should firstly ensure several vital things, he stated, along with that evidence exhibits a country’s COVID-19 transmission is being controlled, outbreak risks are minimized, and that health techniques have the capacity to determine, test, track and isolate COVID-19 cases.

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