Kansas City Experiences High Rise of RSV

It is not simply flu on the rise in Kansas City. Doctors are additionally warning about a rise in one other harmful virus, respiratory syncytial virus. RSV impacts the lungs. It usually hits this time of year. RSV is a virus that may assault anybody; however, it’s most dangerous to the very young, making it onerous to breathe. “In case your youngster has excessive fever or speedy respiration, or it appears like they’re working onerous to breathe, or in a younger toddler, in the event that they’re having intervals of not respiration, you have to get seen immediately,” mentioned Dr. Angela Myers, an infectious illness specialist at Children’s Mercy Hospital.

Myers mentioned she sees an enormous improvement in RSV circumstances in current weeks. Symptoms are extra extreme than in earlier years. This time, it’s affecting older toddlers, as effectively. “RSV could cause respiratory failure in infants, and even we see it in older youngsters, too. So it is actually necessary to evaluate their respiratory standing. We’d need them to return in and get the supportive care they should assist their physique, whereas their physique fights off the virus,” Myers mentioned.

There is no such thing as injections to guard against RSV. Prevention is the perfect medication. Keep away from spreading germs. “RSV is very easy to unfold individual to individual. It spreads by coughs. It spreads by way of sneezes; however, it additionally spreads by way of surfaces. The virus can stay viable on a floor like a tabletop or a crib rail for 12 hours,” Myers mentioned. Symptoms to search for are fever, severe cough, wheezing, and fast respiratory or issue respiration.


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