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Researchers Searching Dark Matter Near Home

Researchers Searching Dark Matter Near Home

85% of the universe consists of dark matter; however, experts do not know what, exactly, it’s.

Researchers Searching Dark Matter Near Home

A recent study from the University of Michigan, Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and the University of California, Berkeley has ted dark matter being liable for mysterious electromagnetic signals previously observed from nearby galaxies. Before this work, there were high hopes that these alerts would give physicists hard proof to help establish a dark matter.

Dark matter cannot be observed straight because it doesn’t absorb, mirror or emit light; however, researchers realize it exists due to the impact it has on other matter. We’d like dark matter to elucidate gravitational forces that hold galaxies together, for example.

Physicists have suggested darkish matter is a closely related cousin of the neutrino, referred to as the sterile neutrino. Neutrinos—subatomic particles with no cost and which rarely interact with matter—are launched throughout nuclear reactions taking place inside the solar. They have a tiny quantity of mass; however, this mass is not explained by the Standard Model of Particle Physics.

Researchers ought to be able to detect the sterile neutrino as a result of it’s unstable, says Ben Safdi, co-author and an assistant prof. of physics at U-M. It decays into ordinary neutrinos and electromagnetic radiation.

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