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Sony Files Patent for Robotic Companion for Game Players

Sony Files Patent for Robotic Companion for Game Players

A Sony PlayStation team wants to make sure that on occasions when gamers haven’t got their buddies around in person, they’ll turn to a robotic pal for companionship.

Sony Files Patent for Robotic Companion for Game Players

Sony Interactive Entertainment has registered a patent for a “joint viewing player” that can rejoice in a player’s victories and commiserate when things go poorly. The patent doesn’t specify if the companion will be a physical object or digital avatar. However, the specs reveal spectacular efforts to make the bond a realistic one.

The robot or avatar will utilize numerous sensors to determine the player’s temper and respond accordingly. It would even play video games with its human counterparts and make friendly suggestions when a player expresses frustration or seems to be drained.

The arsenal of units monitoring gamers include microphones, cameras, and biometric and motion sensors.

The patent refers to a love index that will measure a consumer’s behavior towards the robot. Metrics such as heart price and perspiration, together with speech recognition, will be assessed to determine a person’s temper. When the robot receives positive responses, it can more actively support the participant, perhaps with useful tips, recommendation and words of encouragement. But when the player expresses frustration or rebuffs the robot’s suggestions, it can withdraw and prohibit further commentary.

The robot might be more than only a game companion. It could present comforting words when sadness is noted or advise the player when it is time to go to bed.