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SpaceX Launches New Web-based Booking Tool for Falcon 9

SpaceX Launches New Web-based Booking Tool for Falcon 9

SpaceX has released a new net-based booking system for its rideshare Falcon 9 launches, a service it introduced in 2019 to expand its addressable market to include small satellite customers who don’t have the budget or wish to hire a full rocket, which can value upwards of $60 million.SpaceX Launches New Web-based Booking Tool for Falcon 9

Prices for the rideshare services that SpaceX is providing through the website begin at $1 million for payloads ranging as much as 200 kg, with the additional weight, including $5 per kg to the cost.

The choice tool asks users to specify the orbit and minimum readiness date, with dates starting this June. Then input the full mass of the object and get an estimated cost.

Other choices embody add-ons like port adapters to meet the usual sizes that SpaceX makes use of, as well as a SpaceX-provided separation system in case users, don’t have their own, along with options for on-site fueling in case a spacecraft has its propulsion system, and insurance for as much as $2 million. It’s like configuring a car by means of Tesla’s configurator.

This isn’t only a lead generation form. When you’ve chosen all of your choices, and confirmed that you’re not subject to International Traffic in Arms (ITAR) restrictions imposed by the U.S. government, you’ll be able to put in the card details to instantly pay $5,000 as a deposit.

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