Our Staff


Millard Dixon
Chief Editor (Masters in Mass Communication)

Hi! I am Millard Dixon, the editorial head of The Headlines Bytes and I welcome you cordially in this website. It has been quite long since I have attached myself to this organization. To be precisely for 9 years. I have seen the fall and rise of this organization because life is not a bed of roses but the thing which matters the most is the unity. In this organization, we are like a happy family helping each other out as much as possible.

Email: millard.d@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone: +1 202-856-1957

Cathy Salas
Sub Editor (Masters in English Literature)

Cathy is the sub-editor of this organization and is a perfect companion to work with. She is a very knowledgeable person, and in some fields, I prefer to take her advice. And she is great with advice always and is a very hard working person. Her knowledge about the different industrial sectors are always accurate, and when it comes to editing articles she is a master in that. It has been 6 years since she has been working in this post.

Email: cathy.s@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-789-5631


Susan Bullok
Senior Designer (Masters in Computer Application)

Susan is our senior web designer. She was a student of the nation’s finest design colleges and has been working with us for the previous 4 years. I've seen her working with the full focus in the laptop screen, and by no means, she leaves her cabin before finishing the entire process, and she doesn’t hand over the finished website until and unless she is contented with the design.

Email: susan.b@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-265-7831

Darrell Davis
Junior Designer (Graduate in Web and Graphics Designing)

Darrell is our junior designer and is a really hard working man. He has been working with us for 2 years. I've seen him continuously writing down his ideas and helping Susan finish her works. He is very good at designing and is an entirely target oriented person. His designs are very unique and abide by the rules.

Email: darrell.d@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-123-0547

Content Writers

Paul Carrizales
Science And Technology (Ph.D In Physics)

Paul is dealing with the science and technology area. He is the senior content writer of this column for 3 years. The most exceptional thing that mainly defines his character is the way he can work with a team. His articles are always very much unique and have an essence of their own. He prefers searching the topics of his articles manually, and hence it improves the quality of the content.

Email: paul.c@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-985-6230

Margaret Anderson
Business (Master’s in Business Administration)

Margaret is the chief editor of the business column and has been working in this post for 3 years. She is an ideal match for this profile because of her immense knowledge in the field of business. She knows every minute details of the stock markets and the world of business. Her articles are very beneficial for the pros and even for the beginners. 

Email: margaret.a@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-584-4210

David Richardson
Health (Nutritionist)

David deals with the health column of the website. He has been efficiently doing his work for 4 years. Apart from being an outstanding writer he is also a great chef and can turn boring dishes to something healthy and delightful. He is a man with a very joyous personality and loves hanging around with his team in his free times.

Email: david.r@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-457-8620


Mary Selders
Senior reporter (Masters in Journalism)

Mary is one of our chief reporter who is in charge of the health category. She is a nutrition expert herself and also a journalist knows how to curve out the news from the scenario and erase the fake stories. Her presentation of work is very neat, and she shows excellent efficiency in her work. She has been working in this field for 4 years.

Email: mary.s@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-325-3333

Kenneth Torres
Junior reporter (Bachelors in Public Relations)

Kenneth is the chief reporter of the science and technology and has a large team working under him. Other than being a very much efficient reporter he is also a very compatible team leader. He knows how to handle the team and how to present pitch perfect reports. His reports need very less amount of editing because of his immense expertise in writing too. He is working on the field for 5 years.

Email: kenneth.t@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-658-3589

Lee Stewart
Junior reporter (Bachelors in Mass Communication)

Lee is the reporting head of the business category. He is a very workaholic person and loves his work. Whenever there is a special byte, he is always found on the spot covering the event and thoroughly scanning for a better image describing the event. His proficient knowledge in the field of business is something noteworthy, and this has helped him to walk up the stairs of success day by day. It has been 6 years since he is working in this organization.

Email: lee.s@theheadlinesbytes.com
Phone:+1 202-401-8430