Brandon Williams Says We Change The World But It’s Not Enough

Brandon Williams Says We Change The World But It’s Not Enough

Brandon Williams, George Floyd’s nephew: “We change the world, but it’s not enough”. Williams asked to “push and fight even harder” on the anniversary of his uncle’s murder.

One year after the murder of African American George Floyd by a white police officer in the United States , his nephew Brandon Williams considered this Wednesday after visiting the White House and Congress that his death has managed to change the world, “but it is not enough.” .

“Things are changing, things are moving in a better direction. So we cannot be complacent. We cannot feel like this is enough, this is where we have to accelerate even more, and push and fight even more,” he stated Williams to EFE. The young man said that we must “fight together to achieve a goal, which is justice for all.”

The family closed this Tuesday on the street ‘Black Live Matters’ (‘Black lives matter’) in Washington, named after Floyd’s death, a bulky agenda in the federal capital that included meetings with congressmen and with the US president, Joe Biden, and his vice president, Kamala Harris.

In that place, turned into a mandatory point for the different demonstrations in the American capital, Floyd’s family lawyer, Benjamin Crump, said he was convinced that “this war” will be won, when comparing it with the struggle of his ancestors to abolish slavery in America or ending segregation. Also on this day a group of people joined an organized vigil in front of the White House in memory of George Floyd and to demand justice for the rest of the victims of police brutality.

Surrounded by the bars erected by former President Donald Trump to protect the emblematic presidential residence, people of different ages joined a concentration in which the names of those who have suffered police violence were repeated incessantly.

“Rest in power George Floyd” read one of the posters, while another recalled that this African American “did not give his life for justice” or “movement” but “wanted to live, fought to live.”


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