‘In A Wild Place’ Robin Wright Is Also A Solvent Director

‘In A Wild Place’ Robin Wright Is Also A Solvent Director

In a short space of time, pandemic time, I see in theaters three films starring female stars. Two of them are run by women. And they have arguments with a point of affinity. In Those Who Wish My Death , a makeup-removed Angelina Jolie gives life to a firefighter with a torn sense of guilt for not having avoided a disaster and who therefore tries to isolate herself in nature until she needs a cornered child, whom they go to. kill.

Nomadland’s Frances McDormand ,Who has been widowed and broken, travels the United States in a rickety van, with little money and very tough survival conditions, but establishing solidarity along the steep road with a court of losers and vagrants who face their bad weather with the continuous movement.

The third is In a wild place and tells of another person turned to ashes by the wildest family loss, unable to commit suicide in the midst of an infinite and devastating depression, without psychiatry or friends being able to offer the least relief, knowing that no he can relate to anyone, taking refuge without the desire to return in a cabin in the middle of the most inhospitable nature, with the intention of letting himself die when he realizes in his loneliness that he is unable to procure the sustenance to continue pulling.

Ay, the love among the dispossessed
Robin Wright is one of the most beautiful women I have ever seen. When the camera in love focuses on her and in real life. I suspect that all the spectators were melted with her in the beautiful The Princess Bride .

And it was only natural that poor Forrest Gump wouldn’t stop running or walking thinking about her. This excellent actress could also become the sophisticated, manipulative, cerebral, Machiavellian, devious, sexy and fearsome Claire Underwood from the House of Cards series . The couple he formed with the disturbing Kevin Spacey (the cinema will always miss this crucified man) caused morbid and fear.

This glamorous and attractive lady in this film sheds all kinds of makeup, looks ugly, dresses in cheap clothes, to portray the inconsolable pain, anguish, hunger and cold, of a shipwrecked person whom the sea has not just swallowed it.

She will be saved by a man who is also intimately wounded, a hunter who will teach her the basics to stay out in the open. Both will grant each other friendship and respect (only a stupid and cheater would dare to invent a romance between these lost beings), they will give each other a little warmth, they will know a lot about each other speaking the least.

Robin Wright does an impeccable, sober, nuanced, credible job giving life to this person who deserted civilization trying to calm his suffering. Mexican actor Demián Bichir is also convincing and generous .

And Wright tells this desperate and ultimately redemptive story with sensitivity, restrained emotion, and the absence of tremendousness. It is not an exceptional film, although it is very worthy. It fuels curiosity and the desire for this actress to continue directing. And seeing her in front of the camera, splendid and destroyed, is always a pleasure for the eyes and the ear.


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