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Vape Pen Explodes in Teens Mouth And Causes Serious Injury

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E-Cigarettes have been on the rise in the past five years. Many people had been under the impression that they seem to be safer alternatives to cigarettes, which may not be fully accurate. In response to NBC, a 17-year-old boy’s jaw shattered after an incident with an e-cigarette.

Austin Adams had his mom to buy the gadget while he tried to interchange tobacco products with e-cigarettes. While using it, the e-cigarette exploded and knocked out a number of his teeth and shattered his jaw. His mom explained that the family lives in rural Nevada had was pressured to drive five hours to the closest hospital that would deal with his injury. “This child had a blast injury to his lower jaw, in addition to burns around his lip,” Dr. Katie Russell, one of many trauma surgeons who handled Adams, stated. “He didn’t recall doing something flawed with the system beforehand, and it simply exploded.”

In the past week, the FDA concluded brand new steering for manufacturers of tobacco merchandise and e-cigarettes, which suggests firms provide through details surrounding the batteries they use in concern of overheating. The FDA stated e-cigarettes explode when the lithium-ion battery inside the pen overheats.

Dr. Jonathan Skirko, an ENTC doctor who helped Adams, said that the explosion tore a hole through the boy’s gums. “The tissue got vaporized,” Dr. Skirko said.

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