Judge Considers Amazon’s Request to Halt Pentagon-Microsoft Cloud Computing Contract

A U.S. judge Thursday granted’s request to briefly pause the U.S. Division of Defense and Microsoft from moving ahead on a nearly $10 billion cloud computing contract that Amazon says reflected undue influence by Prez Trump.

Judge Considers Amazon's Request to Halt Pentagon-Microsoft Cloud Computing Contract

Amazon, which had been seen as potential hopeful to strike the deal, filed a suit in November weeks after the contract was granted Microsoft. Trump has publicly ridiculed Amazon chief Jeff Bezos and repeatedly criticized the firm.

Judge Patricia Campbell-Smith issued a preliminary injunction; however, she didn’t release her written opinion.

She also ordered Amazon to post $42 million in the event the injunction was released wrongfully.

The Amazon suit stated the Defense Division’s decision was full of “egregious mistakes,” which had been a result of “improper pressure from Prez Trump, who opened repeated public and behind-the-scenes attacks” to drive the contract away from Amazon “to harm his noted political enemy” Bezos.

Bezos also owns the Washington Post, whose coverage has been critical of Trump and which has continuously been a target of barbs by Trump about the news media.

The Pentagon, which had planned to start work on the deal on Friday, stated it was disappointed by the judgment

Secretary of Defense Mark Esper previously refused there was bias and said the Pentagon announced its selection fairly without external pressure.


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