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Rise of The Marijuana Industry Is a Death Notice for Tobacco and Liquor Industry

Rise of The Marijuana Industry Is a Death Notice for Tobacco and Liquor Industry

A significant quantity of information has been generated in recent times exhibiting that cannabis access is related to lowered ranges of opioid use and abuse. However, rising data additionally signifies that many sufferers equally substitute marijuana for quite a lot of different substances, together with alcohol, tobacco, and benzodiazepines. Last month, a group of researchers from Canada and America surveyed over 2,000 federally registered medical cannabis patients concerning their use of cannabis and different substances.

Investigators reported that almost 70 p.c of respondents mentioned that they substituted cannabis for prescription drugs, primarily opioids. 45% of those surveyed acknowledged substituting cannabis for alcohol, and 31% of respondents said that they used marijuana instead of tobacco. Amongst those that reported changing alcohol with cannabis, 31 % mentioned they stopped having booze altogether, whereas 37% reported decreasing their consumption by a minimum of 75 %. 51% of those that reported substituting cannabis for tobacco stated that they finally ceased their tobacco use utterly.

Quite a few research additionally point out that authorized cannabis access is related to reductions in generic prescription drug spending. Whereas a lot of this discount is the results of the decreased use of opioids, research additionally reports decreases in sufferers’ consumption of different prescribed drugs, resembling sleep aids, anti-depressants, and anti-anxiety medicines. A 2019 study by a group of Canadian researchers reported that the use of marijuana is related to the discontinuation of benzodiazepines. In their study of 146 topics, the initiation of medical cannabis resulted in significant and sustained reductions in patients’ use of the drug.

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